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Finally - Awesome Coffee in New Port Richey!

Do you want a great coffee place downtown? We do, too. A place to get together to talk business, hang out with friends, or pick up a fast morning cup on the way to work. We're serendipitously located on Bank St. and Main St. in New Port Richey, Florida, across from the historic Hacienda Hotel, and just steps from Sims Park.

Bank & Main qualityImagine grabbing a cup and enjoying Sims Park special events, strolling along the Cotee River, or just walking the historic Downtown. Building this unique cafe is, for us, all part of making Downtown New Port Richey walkable, enjoyable, and the kind of lifestyle we really want in our beloved city.

On your way to work, a local event, or your downtown office - our proprietary "Fast-Serve" system gets your coffee to you, fast. How fast is it? So fast you won't need a phone app to order ahead! Savor a fast-serve cup of good, honest "joe," try a trendy custom brew, a refreshing cold coffee, or one of our other unique beverages. Want a snack? We got 'em. Quick breakfast? Got you covered there, too.

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Local Business Friendly

We're promoting local merchants right inside our café with our Java-Tron in-store advertising venue in the form of our big screen HD TV (and more in the works!). Visit our store and learn about coffee, local history, AND local merchants and great values available downtown. You might just leave our cafe better off than when you came in!

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A community effort steeped in local history

Bank & Main Café is the flagship store of our planned franchise, with headquarters right here in sunny New Port Richey, Florida. Not just another behemoth coffee chain muscling into town – we’re honoring our local history, and we’re built from the ground up by your friends and neighbors.

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Gifts and Giving Back

We're all about the community. Our cafe is more than just a coffee place. Our main goal is to build community, boost communication, and give back by supporting local causes. Want to find out what's happening around town? Come to our store and check out our Java-Tron™ indoor billboard HD TV screen! The Java-Tron presents local events and deals from local businesses in an entertaining "Coming Attractions" style presentation.

"Get a Mug" and we will give $10 to a local charity. OR: Get a Bank & Main gift card for yourself or a friend.

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